Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jacob starts Steiner playgroup

This term Jacob started Steiner playgroup at the Menzies creek campus. We have only been two weeks so far but I can't believe how much Jacob is loving it already! He is a totally different kid there! We have met some other lovely families as well and it is really nice to be amongst other mum's who have the same sort of parenting ideas! I even knew a couple of the mum's from homebirth group! So Steiner uses a lot of toys made out of things from nature. Jacob was in his element right from the start and quickly honed in on some of the seed pods and rocks ;) The first session we went to I couldn't drag him away at the end, he was having a lovely time shoveling sand from the sandpit and putting in a wheelbarrow. It also turns out that the campus is right near the Menzies creek Puffing Billy station so each week the playgroup kids walk up to the station to see Puffing Billy. Can't get better than that for a little boy!!

A trip on Puffing Billy

Well, we finally got around to using our tickets for Puffing Billy that Dave and Kara gave us for Christmas! The weather turned out to be beautiful and we had a lovely day travelling from Belgrave to Lakeside and having a picnic lunch at Emerald Lake. Jacob loved the train (once he got used to it!) although I think Esme was braver than him in sitting in the carriage window ;) It made for a very special mother's day!

We made a special book all about our day complete with photos. You can have a look here. Jacob has already said that he wants to take the book to Nanny and Pa and Nanna and Grandad to read, so watch out!

Thanks Dave and Kara for our present!!
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