Friday, November 20, 2009

Professional photos – September 2009

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Thomas the Tank Engine comes to visit

Last Sunday we headed off to Gembrook for the annual kids fun run with Thomas. The event raises money for the Children’s Cancer Centre at the Monash Medical Centre. There are lots of different races for children of all ages where the kids get to race against Thomas (aka Puffing Billy ;)) We didn't actually enter any of the races with the kids but we did have a ride on Thomas! Jacob was so excited about seeing Thomas up close and even Esme was excited too! Esme is developing a bit of a love of Thomas, fuelled by Jacob's interest in him (she's just gotta do the same thing as her big brother!) Everytime she sees a picture of Thomas now she starts humming the Thomas tune, it's so cute to see! After we'd seen Thomas, we went over to the festival that was held at the playground opposite the railway. The kids had a good time playing and particularly enjoyed going to visit the animal farm and feeding all the baby animals.

I will add a link to the book I made for the kids when I get around to it...
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