Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gideon is two!

Wow, my little boy is TWO!  How did that happen?  He's still so much of a 'baby' to us mainly, I think, because he is so much littler than the other two at the same age.  He is so very loved, still spending his nights sleeping with us (for the most part right on top us still like he did as a newborn!!) and still loving being worn in the sling.  He still loves his milk - I don't think there's any chance of him weaning anytime soon!  He likes to assert his authority around the house.  Particularly with the big kids!  If they're doing something they're not supposed to or something he doesn't want them to he'll scream 'noooo' and push them away.  Legacy of the third child I think ;) He's talking a lot these days and telling us lots of things.  I love hearing his little voice or have him chase us for 'hugs' - his favourite thing at the moment!  Two is such a magical age and I'm enjoying every (mostly!) moment of seeing Gideon grow up. 

Here's a few photos from his birthday...

Opening presents
Wow, a marble tree.  What do I do with that?
An impromptu 'Hungry Catepillar' cake ;)
Blowing out the candles. 
Happy Birthday beautiful boy! 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

What to do with a jumper with a broken zip?

I bought this jumper at an op shop recently but after a couple of wears, the zipper broke.  Apart from the zip though, the rest of the jumper is in good condition and I didn't want to just throw it out.  My solution: upcycle it into some pants for Gideon!  Remember these pants I made last year?  Well, that's the basic format I used to make these ones. 

Front of the pants
They're really quite simple to make, no hems or side seams to sew! I simply cut out the sleeves of the jumper, cut out the crotch and sew them together.  Then (to give a bit of a roomier butt seeing Gideon is still in nappies) I add a panel in the middle and put in some elastic.  Simple!  A nice quick and easy project for a Saturday. 

Back of the pants with an extra panel added
Who can resist a cute photo of a nappy butt in tight pants? 

The new herb garden!


I know it doesn't really look that impressive, does it? I wish we'd taken some before photos but basically this garden was an overgrown mess of rose bushes and weeds. A useless space.  Seeing as we've kind of outgrown the herb garden we created a few years ago, we thought we'd make this space into something usable.  It's actually quite a big area.  So far we've planted parsley, rosemary, oregano, lemon thyme, thyme, coriander and mint seedlings.  Basil will go in once the weather is warmer.  I'm planning to throw some seeds in as well so the herbs will spread across.  And I might even put in some spinach and rocket for winter.  I think it will be easier to maintain here as well.  Because it's right next to driveway I will be able to weed it on my way inside.  Now to work out some way of keeping our free-ranging chooks from digging in it! 

Of course the kids always love to help outside! 
Busy sweeping the dirt away...

I'm looking forward to tackling some more of the garden.  We are planning on turning the slope you can see next to the herbs into a tiered vegie garden (although that will require a lot of work and a lot of digging out rocks - sorry Chris!) 
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