Friday, November 20, 2009

Professional photos – September 2009

02VickyLeon clr (2)_small 01VickyLeon clr (2)_small 04VickyLeon clr (2)_small05VickyLeon clr (2)_small 06VickyLeon clr (2)_small 07VickyLeon clr (2)_small 08VickyLeon clr (2)_small 09VickyLeon clr (2)_small 10VickyLeon clr (2)_small 11VickyLeon clr (2)_small 12VickyLeon clr (2)_small 13VickyLeon clr (2)_small 14VickyLeon clr (2)_small 15VickyLeon clr (2)_small 16VickyLeon clr (2)_small 17VickyLeon clr (2)_small 18VickyLeon clr (2)_small 19VickyLeon clr (2)_small 22VickyLeon clr (2)_small 23VickyLeon clr (2)_small 24VickyLeon clr (2)_small 27VickyLeon clr (2)_small 28VickyLeon clr (2)_small 30VickyLeon clr (2)_small 33VickyLeon clr (2)_small31VickyLeon clr (2)_small 32VickyLeon clr (2)_small 34VickyLeon clr (2)_small

58VickyLeon clr (2)_small37VickyLeon clr (2)_small 38VickyLeon clr (2)_small 39VickyLeon clr (2)_small 43VickyLeon clr (2)_small 44VickyLeon clr (2)_small 45VickyLeon clr (2)_small 46VickyLeon clr (2)_small 47VickyLeon clr (2)_small 48VickyLeon clr (2)_small 49VickyLeon clr (2)_small 50VickyLeon clr (2)_small 55VickyLeon clr (2)_small 56VickyLeon clr (2)_small 57VickyLeon clr (2)_small

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Cathy said...

You have a beautiful family, you must both be so happy with them.

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