Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In the wars again!

Esme's hand, all bandaged up.

Our little accident-prone girl has been in the wars again! On Tuesday afternoon she managed to burn herself on the door of our wood heater. She's actually quite good about keeping away from the fire and knows not to touch it but this was a bit of a freak accident. She was 'dancing' near the fireplace, spun around, lost her balance and brushed the sides of two fingers against the glass door. I was standing right next to her when it happened but couldn't do a thing! We got the burnt fingers under water straight away but it didn't take long for them to start blistering. I thought it best to take her down to emergency to get it checked out just in case. After 3 loooong hours of waiting we were finally seen by a doctor who pronounced the burns 'superficial' and got the nurse to bandage her fingers up. Esme was such a brave girl throughout the whole ordeal. Her finger was obviously bothering her but (for the most part) she kept a smile on her face. Today we get to take the bandage off and see how it all looks.

I shudder to think how much worse this could have been though. The burn that she got from simply brushing her fingers against the door for 1 or 2 seconds is incredible. Of course, I knew that the door to the fire was dangerously hot but I thought that we were safe because the kids were aware that they were not to touch or go near the fire. It's just made me aware that freak accidents do occur and maybe we do need to put the guard up around the fire again. It's too easy for the kids to lose their balance, trip, or fall near the fireplace. An important lesson for us all I think as to how easy these sorts of accidents happen.

Esme doesn't seem too perturbed by her bandaged hand!

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The Mama. said...

:-( poor baby....

On the other hand... Yay! Baby! Well done you ;-)

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