Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 14 of Craft project a week: Easter themed top

I'm very excited by what I've made this week. I've been experimenting with different fabric and patterns. This top for Esme is based on another dress I've made for her in the past. The bird applique is based on a design that my SIL did on a toy she made for Gideon. I'm really loving the bright colours - they just seem to work so well together. It really only took a night to sew this as well (and I'm all for quick, easy sewing projects!)

The dress, by itself

A close up of the bird applique - a little bit of machine stiching and a little bit of hand sewing :)

Esme was so excited about this dress too. It makes me feel great when the kids get so excited about the things I make for them!

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