Friday, May 31, 2013

Jacob is seven!

Every year, without fail, I marvel at how quickly a year goes by.  Maybe it's just because Jacob is the eldest that each time he has a birthday he seems to be getting so much older.  We are learning with him and he's taken us on an amazing journey as parents!

It's been such a huge year for him.  Starting with his Autism diagnosis in June last year.  Since then we've started him on a GF/CF diet, biomed treatments and speech therapy.  He's been doing so well on these treatments and we've seen some huge progress.  He also started at a different campus for primary school with a new teacher and that has done wonders for him.  He really is at the perfect school.

He constantly delights us, frustrates us and makes us laugh.  The way he looks at life is unique and always amazes us (and reminds us to pay more attention to the smaller things in life).  Socially he has changed a lot this past year.  He loves to talk to and play with all his school friends. 

Jacob with the cupcakes he decorated on his actual birthday
Opening presents - his new block crayons were the most exciting present I think.  He loves to draw and create. 
Jungle cake for the party with school friends - you may recognise it as the same cake from Esme's birthday a couple of years ago ;) 

Happy Birthday to our beautiful boy - thanks for letting us share this amazing whirlwind of a journey with you!

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