Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Advent Stick

Recently I attended a Christmas workshop at my childrens' school to learn how to make an Advent stick.  An Advent stick is basically an Advent calendar but instead of pockets, items are wrapped in tissue paper and tied to a stick.  All the items are either objects from nature or things that have been handmade (no chocolates in sight on this calendar!) Each week of Advent corresponds to a different world, as per Steiner traditions.  Week 1 is the mineral world.  Week 2 is the plant world.  Week 3 is the animal world.  Week 4 is the human world.  I had such a lovely couple of evenings crafting with some beautiful women and enjoyed putting lots of love into all the handmade things for the kids. It was a little harder than I expected to tie all the items onto the stick but with the help of my (ever-suffering) husband we were able to do it. Here's some photos of what was on our Advent Stick.

Day 1: Beeswax candle in  holder and verse about the first week of Advent
Day 2: Shells
Day 3: Chalk
Day 4: Painted stones
Day 5:Beaded Christmas ornament
Day 6: Bath crystals
Day 7: Glass stones
Day 8: Beeswax candle in  holder and verse about the second week of Advent
Day 9: Gumnut Christmas Ornament
Day 10 : Seeds
Day 11: Handstitched Holly decoration
Day 12: Dried Rose petals
Day 13: Felted acorn gnome
Day 14: Bulbs
Day 15: Beeswax candle in  holder and verse about the third week of Advent
Day 16: Finger knitted snail
Day 17: Feather
Day 18: Origami Crane
Day 19: Sea shell turtle
Day 20: Coral
Day 21: Hand stitched dove
Day 22: Beeswax candle in holder and verse about fourth week of Advent
Day 23:Silk Angel
Day 24: A verse I wrote for the kids

The kids had a lovely time taking it in turns to open each parcel.  I'm looking forward to creating another one for them next year! 

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Sue said...

I think I've said this before but your such an awesome parent, future life I am coming back as your child!!!

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