Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Four months ALREADY?!

I can't quite believe how quickly time goes by with a second child....Esme is four months old already!! With Jacob things seemed to go so much slower and we were constantly watching and waiting for him to reach milestones (and thus he seemed to achieve his milestones so much slower - like not crawling until 10.5 months and not walking until nearly 19 months!!) We are appreciating each stage that Esme is going through and living in the moment with her. But she is just doing things too darn quick, why can't she stay a baby just a little longer?! She has been rolling both ways since she was just over 3 months and just got her first two teeth a week ago! She is already looking like she wants to get moving (perhaps to catch up to her big brother who she just adores, she has already been attempting to play with some of his toys :) ) and doing the 'airplane' thing while on her tummy. She is such a happy girl and we are delighting in her gorgeous smiles and chuckles. She loves to play rough already, that's when we get the biggest smiles and laughs from her. Still not much of a day sleeper, but hey, you can't have everything ;)

Some pics we took today of our gorgeous four month old daughter!

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