Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas!

It was so exciting to share our first christmas as a family of four this year! Jacob is just starting to understand all about Santa and presents this year and it was wonderful sharing in his excitement. We had been talking about Santa for quite awhile beforehand and the weekend before Christmas we took Jacob to see Santa on the fire truck when they came around. He was so excited and kept talking about it for the next few days, 'Santa, fire truck, lollies' (Santa was handing out packets of lollies lol).

The actual day started off at the quite civilized time of 8am. Esme and Jacob came downstairs and Jacob opened the presents under the christmas tree. I think he was almost more excited to be opening the presents than what was actually inside them though. After he opened one he would toss it aside and reach for the next one saying 'another one'. But he was very good handing out presents for other people and understanding that they were for someone else. Jacob and Esme's main present from Santa was two baby bunnies. We had put them in a box and placed wrapping paper over the top and you should have seen Jacob's face when he saw his bunnies. He was soooo excited!

We headed off to Chris' parents to open presents after this and then to Chris' family xmas lunch at Helen and Trevor's where Jacob and Esme were inundated with even MORE presents (we're still wondering where we're going to store them all!!) After this we headed home and Mum and Dad came over for more presents. Jacob was pretty pleased with his Thomas train track but frustrations and tiredness from the day ended up with a total meltdown from him! We managed to get him out of the house and over to my Aunt and Uncle's farm. He calmed down there, ate a second lot of dinner! and enjoyed running around and chasing chooks.

We were all pretty exhausted by the time we left home and Jacob fell asleep in the car and Chris was able to carry him into bed still asleep (a pretty rare event for Jacob!) Esme went to sleep pretty quickly with a feed.

Our 2008 Christmas card!

Nudey santa

Jacob admiring the christmas tree

'Look at my new car!'

Esme and Daddy

Unwrapping MORE presents!

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