Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ABA Conference

Last weekend saw Esme and I heading off to Ballarat for my first ABA conference, leaving Chris and Jacob at home by themselves. This was my first time away from Jacob and needless to say, I was a little nervous! Not just about leaving Jacob but also about looking after Esme by myself and how I was going to manage. Luckily I had Donna with me to give me some moral support (and to entertain Esme in the car LOL) We headed off Friday afternoon and arrived in Ballarat by about 6, stopping once to feed Esme along the way.

That Friday night I was so nervous, Esme was unsettled and getting tired so I had to head back to the room to get her to bed and miss the talk that was on. When I got back to the room I realised my mobile had gone AWOL. Argggh! That was meant to be my lifeline, so I could call Chris whenever I was having trouble. I came so close to getting back in that car and heading straight back to Melbourne right then and there!! But I didn't! I went on and survived two very full on days of talks and workshops, all the while having to juggle a sometimes unhappy little girl who only sleeps in the sling!! I have to admit though that Esme was really pretty good, she did have a few moments of being quite unsettled but this could be put down to getting two more teeth! She was also a little angel for me at night, going down to bed easily, waking only once during the night for a feed and a little snuggle in bed with me from about 6 in the morning :)

All in all, it was a pretty good weekend. Lots of learning and making new friends and I was very happy to sign off on another workbook too!! But gee, I was so glad to be home again (and this single parenting gig is definately NOT for me LOL)

P.S. Jacob usually feeds to sleep at night so Chris had a little trouble getting him to sleep without him having 'mulk' However, the second night he'd obviously had enough of not getting his milk so he pointed to Chris' chest and said 'Daddy. mulk?'

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