Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Phillip Island

Chris had a couple of weeks off work at the end of January so we decided to head off to Phillip Island for a family holiday. Chris' aunt and uncle have a holiday house at Rhyll there which they very kindly let us use. I have to say it beats staying in a tent at a caravan park with wakeful kids and constantly worrying about them waking up everyone around them!!!

The day we were to leave was forecast to be 43 degrees and when Chris went out to do some shopping that morning he discovered that the air conditioner in the car had chosen that particular day to stop working! There was no way we wanted to go anywhere on a day like that without air conditioning! Luckily we were able to get the car in to get looked at and the air conditioner was able to be fixed. So we headed off, abeit a LOT later than we had anticipated.

The whole holiday was really enjoyable and relaxing. We spent the first Saturday down at the Cowes' beach with mum and dad who had come down to Phillip Island for the weekend and had lunch with them the next day down at Rhyll. It was overcast and rainy on the Sunday so not much else to do! On the Monday we went to the Nobbies for a walk along the boardwalk. We all ended up getting really, really burnt as we stupidly hadn't put on sunscreen as it was overcast and almost cold! I'm so glad Esme was in the sling most of the time with the sleeping hood on. She did get burnt a bit but it could have been so much worse!! We went to the Rhyll beach in the afternoon where Esme dipped her feet in the water (and loved it!) and Jacob avidly avoided the water LOL. Talk about chalk and cheese!! On the Tuesday we went to the koala sanctuary, I can't say that Jacob was really interested in the koalas but he did enjoy the long walk we did there. The whole time we were away he just us to walk all the time! He must've walked kilometres over the days we were there (maybe that was why he slept so well at night while we were away, we didn't hear peep from him from the time he went to bed till the time he woke up - 12 hours or more later!)

We headed home on the Wednesday with the big task of unpacking!

Jacob at the unit cooking up shell and flower soup :)

The beach at Rhyll

The Nobbies

Koala Sanctuary

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