Saturday, July 11, 2009

My 30th Birthday

I turned 30 this year! Hard to believe, I still feel like a teenager (and I'm sure I still act like one sometimes too!!!) I wonder if you ever feel like you're 'grown up' or if, when you're in your 80's you still feel like you did when you were 20! Hmmm, give me another 50 years and I'll be able to tell you ;)

Anyway, we had a party at Mum and Dad's for my 30th. It was a lovely day. I'm not really one for parties as I don't like being the centre of attention but it was actually really good! We hired a wood-fired pizza oven and then bought a whole heap of pizza ingredients so people could make their own. It made for a really great party I think and those pizzas were soooo delicious!! Chris made a croquemboche (I hope that's the right spelling!) which took a lot of time and effort and didn't quite end up being exactly as we had planned (Chris had to leave the profiteroles on the tin because they didn't come off properly ;) ) but it was all good. The only bad thing is that I ate so many of them on the day that I couldn't eat the leftovers we brought home AND the thought of profiteroles now still makes me feel sick!!

So, a really lovely day shared with family and friends. And a huge thank you to everyone who came and for the presents you brought - I loved all the handmade presents and think I have a whole lot of very creative friends!!

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