Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Family holiday to Hotham

This July saw us heading up to Hotham for our annual skiing holiday with Chris’ family. We went up for just over a week. I can’t say it was the best skiing this year but still lots of fun! Chris and I even got out on the slopes on our own while Chris’ parents looked after the kids – bonus!

It was even more special this year because Jacob did some skiing for the first time ever. Before we went away we weren’t sure if he would actually want to ski as he can be a bit tentative about trying new things so we didn’t bother hiring any ski stuff from down here. Turns out we majorily underestimated him!! As soon as he saw the ski lift he wanted to go up it! We went and got him fitted with skis, expecting him to suddenly decide he didn’t like them but he didn’t!! He absolutely LOVED being on skis and ‘sliding’ down the slope. The first day we just practiced on the slope near the lodge and the next day we took him up the ski lift and down the run. It was hard work skiing down the slope with him (I only managed it a couple of times – lucky Chris is so fit!!) but he had so much fun! Esme, on the other hand, wasn’t too fussed about the snow ;) She didn’t mind going on a the tobaggan a couple of times but then was a bit over it all (I think all her volumes of clothes made it too hard for her to get around!!) She much preferred getting us all to chase her up the stairs at the lodge!

All in all, it was a lovely week away (if we forget about the kids sleeping so horrendously and waking the whole lodge up at night ;) ) Jacob was so upset about coming home again though. As soon as we were driving away and saying to him that we were going home he said ‘go to the lodge again?’ and when we told him ‘no’ he burst into tears!! Oh dear…Needless to say, I think he’ll be pretty excited to be up there again next year. And maybe we’ll even get Esme up on skis next year too!

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