Monday, February 22, 2010

Our new family member

Yesterday we welcomed a new addition to our family: an 18 month old angora bunny named Tiddah. She is absolutely gorgeous and seems to be settling in quite well with our other bunny, Cheeky, already. We'd been talking about getting another bunny for ages (we did have two originally but one escaped out of the cage during a thunderstorm quite a few months ago and never returned) but hadn't got around to it yet. Anyway, on Saturday we walked up to the Tecoma shops and Chris happened to see a notice on the board there looking for a new owner for a bunny as the people who owned it were going overseas. So, we rang up that afternoon and arranged to go around to see it the following morning. It turned out that I actually already knew the couple who owned the bunny, they had come to an ABA meeting when they were still pregnant (Almost 18 months ago!) and one of them works with my friend's husband! We saw the bunny and fell in love with her straight away (at least I did!) We could see that she had quite a personality instantly, she is very inquisitive. We ended up taking her home that day. It seems like fate had a big part in this bunny coming to us, it was 'meant to be'. Her owners were a little surprised that they had found someone to talk her so soon (they only put the ad up on Friday) but were glad to see her go to a family that will look after her well and hopefully we'll keep in touch with them as well! Putting the two bunnies together was an interesting event, I was worried it was going to be world war 3 but aside from some chasing they seem to be quite happy together and have been lying together today :)

Here's our new bunny, Tiddah:

And with our other bunny, Cheeky:


S said...

did you know that angora wool actually coems from angora rabbits? you can shear them every three months or so and either spin or felt their fleece! an average rabbit will give about 1kg of wool a year.

Narelle said...

Oh wow, I didn't realise that! I need to find out how to cut her fur I think. There's got to be an easier (and quicker) way than doing it all by hand! I wish I knew how to spin fleece!

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