Monday, February 22, 2010

Slings and things

We took this picture on Saturday. It just makes me laugh every time I look at it! I've just got a new ring sling and was 'practicing' putting Esme in and out. Jacob looked at her in it and told me that he wanted to get in there! I don't remember the last time we wore Jacob in a sling, I think it was probably over 18 months ago that he was in one so I don't know what brought that comment on (maybe he just thought Esme looked so cozy ;)) Anyway, he was adamant that he wanted to get in so I went and grabbled the good old Ergo and told him he could get in there (no way was I going to wear his 16kgs in a hip carry position in a ring sling!!) He thought it was absolutely hilarious being in there as you can tell by the delighted look on his face!! And the beauty of the Ergo is that he didn't feel heavy at all lol.

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