Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jungle Fever

One of Esme's favourite books recently had been 'Hooray! There's a hippopotamus on Our roof having a birthday party' which is all about a jungle birthday party. So, when it came time for Esme's 3rd birthday party, we knew exactly what theme to have!

I made a special monkey costume for her to wear on the day (according to Esme, monkeys say rah!)

We played some special party games and went on a safari to find animals using the binoculars we made.

Jacob loved using his binoculars to spot the animals

Then it was time for the special jungle birthday cake that Daddy made.

Esme blew out the candles and then had to put the knife in a long way to cut the cake!

We had a lovely day celebrating Esme's birthday with family and friends - thank you to everyone who came for making it special!

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