Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week 39 of Craft Project a week: Pyjama pants for all!


This week's project - pyjama pants for all of us! All of these pants were made by repurposing sheets I found at the op shop.  I love finding old sheets at the op shop to turn into something new. It means that things I make are unique and that they are cheap.  The doona cover I used for Jacob's pants cost $4 and I can get four pairs of pants out of that - bargain!

I've got making pants down to a fine art now. It literally only takes me half an hour from start to finish so it's easy to just run them through the sewing machine/overlocker. The cutting out bit is the worst bit I think!      

Esme and I show off our pj pants!
Jacob is pretty pleased with his.

These pants are perfect for warmer nights.  Now fingers crossed we actually get some warmer nights so we can all wear them ;) 

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