Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week 35 of Craft Project a week: Fairy wings

I made a fairy skirt for Esme's fairy party the week before so this week we have been making fairy wings to match.  We used this tutorial to make some fairy wings from wire coat hangers and stockings (I say 'we' but actually Chris did all of this bit!)  I then painted Esme's wings to match her skirt. The paint on the stockings looks quite effective.  I think Esme's wings still need a bit more glitter though!

All the kids got to decorate their own fairy wings at Esme's party which then enjoyed (until they got a little distracted and parents had to finish them!)  At the end I used my trusty hot glue gun to glue the elastic on and the flower over the top to hide all the wire.  I forgot to take photos of all the other kids' wings at the end although I do have photos of Jacob's wings which I think he decorated beautifully.  Chris accidentally got black stockings for Jacob's wings but the paint turned out really well on the black in the end.  I love that Jacob chose a pink flower for his wings! 

Jacob is ready to fly!
A close up of Jacob's wings
Now there are lots of beautiful fairies flying around! 

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