Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week 41 of Craft Project a week: Hat for my (big) boy

With the weather starting to warm up it was time to make Jacob a new hat.  He's growing so quickly - the hat I made for him last year is already too small for him.  I love this hat pattern and have used it many, many times.  It makes a very cool reversible bucket hat.  Jacob chose to have the trains (of course!) and I put it with some brown cordoruy that I already had. I'm not very happy with how the cordoruy side of it turned out though.  The material is slighly puckered in a couple of spots but as Chris points out, no one would notice expect for me!

The train side of the hat
The cord side of the hat
I think I might make Gideon one of these with cars material and denim next...

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