Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Meet our Scoby! I know, it doesn't look very attractive does it?! But it's actually very healthy.  Scoby stands for Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast and it is used to make Kombucha which is a fermented product.  We have been brewing our own Kombucha for a couple of months now.  We haven't always been consistent with it but this year we are planning to put a bit more effort in and experiment with some different flavours as well. 

I quite like the taste of it and happily drink a small amount of it each day.  The kids seems to like it in small doses as well, which is a bonus.  It tastes kind of like fizzy apple cidar with a bit of a vinegar-y kick (I think I really only like it because of that - I'm one of those strange people who love vinegar!)  Chris is not so keen on it at the moment! 

It is very easy to do.  We were given our 'Mother' (original Scoby) by a friend and have gone from there.  We generally leave it a few weeks to ferment to get it to the right 'flavour' and then start a fresh batch.  A fresh batch simply means brewing up a litre of tea with 1/3 cup sugar, leaving it to cool then taking the 'baby' scoby that has formed on the top of the old scoby with a cup of the liquid and adding it the new tea.  Easy! 

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