Sunday, September 6, 2009

Esme's first birthday!!

Well, I did mean to write this after Esme's birthday but it's now more than a week later and I'm only just writing it! Time passes by too quickly...I still can't believe my little girl is ONE already! Where did the year go? Jacob's first year seemed to go so slowly, it was a really hard year with him but I have just been enjoying every moment with Esme. Life is so busy with two kids (can't believe I still want more!!) that time passes by so quick and Esme has grown up before I have even noticed! I still think of her as my little baby and it's only after seeing her around little babies that I suddenly realise that she no longer is, she's a little girl with a very unique and determined personality!!

Esme has learned to do so much in her first year. She went from rolling at a couple of months old to crawling at 6 months and walking at 11 months. She is a big climber and likes to get herself stuck in some very interesting places, on the blackboard ledge, through the handles of the walker. Her favourite place to climb is Jacob's high chair which she uses to hop on the kitchen table. Even though she's pretty good at getting down herself, we have to make sure we tip it over so she can't climb it when we're not around! Esme has a very BIG personality! It seems I have two kids with VERY different personalities. While Jacob is quite reserved and quiet (in public ;) ) Esme is the little socialite! She loves to do things to grab people's attention and always has a smile for everyone. She has a very distinct 'cheeky look' that she gives as she goes off to do something she shouldn't be doing!

We celebrated Esme's special day with dinner with Nanna and Granddad and a little cupcake with a candle (which was gobbled down very quickly I might add!) Then, on the Sunday, we had a party at my Mum and Dad's for her. It was a lovely day shared with close family and friends who have been a big part of Esme's life so far.

Here’s some photos from her actual birthday (photos from party still to come – we were a bit too busy to take photos so had to rely on others ;) )

Unwrapping presents with some help from big brother (she’s got the idea already though!)


Giving her new doll a kiss


The cake


And no first birthday is complete without a cake eating photo!!

_DSC4072_small _DSC4088_small

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Cathy said...

Happy birthday she is so sweet

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