Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our first trip to Emergency

Well, our first trip to Emergency with Esme, that is! And I have no doubt that we will be back there again in the future with her, daredevil that she is! Yesterday morning she attempted to copy her brother's antics and practice some balancing acts on the couch. Needless to say this resulted in a bad fall, lots of crying, plenty of blood and a HUGE gash in her lip where her teeth had gone through. I was actually in bed when it all happened but woke up pretty quick with all the crying and Chris screaming out 'Narelle, I need some help!' There was so much blood to start with and we were worried that it wasn't going to stop. The cut looked huge and deep! Luckily it slowed down after a while and I bundled Esme into the car and off to Emergency.

By the time we had got there the bleeding had pretty much stopped but I thought I'd just get her checked out just in case. She ended up having a breastfeed in emergency so I was pretty confident that it wasn't too painful. I can tell you now that I have never been so grateful to still be breastfeeding! It's provided Esme with some much needed comfort today, as well as nutrition since she hasn't been able to eat much.

Anyway, we got in to see the Doctor pretty quickly who assured us that it was all ok and wouldn't need any stitches (thank goodness!) He told us it was in a really good position to heal well and that he wouldn't put any tape or anything on it because she would most likely just pull it off. We left with instructions to come back in the morning if the wound was gaping (really nice imagery there!!) or we had any concerns. Luckily, it has all looked fine this afternoon and seems to be well on it's well to healing. Esme, of course, has been fine and has been pretty much her usual happy self (apart from a few more comfort feeds than usual understandably!) She's such a little trouper, she had her immunisations yesterday too so has put up with a lot in the two days!! Like I said before though, I'm sure we'll be back to the ED sometime soon ;)

Just after we arrived home from hospital (still with blood all over her!)

What it looked like by the afternoon (photos don't do it justice!)

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