Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reflections on the year that was 2009

Ok, I admit I'm a bit late writing this post too. But I do like to have a record of what has happened in the year gone by so here goes:

2009 has been the year for watching our two beautiful children grow and change so much. Jacob is starting to be such a little boy (complete with doing gross things and not listening to us!!) We can have proper conversations with him now and he understands jokes very well!! He's come out of his shell this year and is a lot more social and willing to have new adventures. I think a lot of this has to do with starting Steiner playgroup. Being with the same lovely group of kids and parents and having a structured session has been so good for his self esteem. I can't believe that next year Jacob will be starting 3 year old kinder! It'll only be for one morning and one afternoon a week but seems like such a big step. We have chosen the Steiner route for kinder for him too. I think the Steiner focus on social/emotional development as well as their 'play' approach in the early years will suit Jacob perfectly.

What can I say about Esme? This time last year she was only a little baby but now she's turned into a real little girl, with attitude!! She is the complete opposite to Jacob in every way. She's always into mischief, always on the go and so noisy!! If there's trouble to be had she's right in the middle of it all. But we love her anyway ;) She was on the go early, crawling by 6 months and walking by 11 months and she hasn't stopped since! She's starting to say heaps of words recently, just about everything she tries to repeat these days! Most of the time she drives Jacob crazy but you can see the mutual admiration between them. Esme is usually up before Jacob in the morning and she waits (rather impatiently) for him to get up. She calls out 'J' while waiting for him. As soon as he comes downstairs he gets smothered with kisses and cuddles from her - so cute!

I have continued with my ABA training this year and am hoping to have it all completed this January. It will be such a relief to have it all finished and to actually be able to do some counselling! I've had a few days work in the second half of this year. It's been great to go back and see all my students and to be something else rather than a 'mum' for a day. I've also been enjoying doing some sewing lately (with my new machine that Chris bought me for Christmas!!) and making some clothes for the kids. Chris has continued with the same job at Swinburne and hoping to apply for a new position coming up that will give him more authority lol and a little more money hopefully.

Unfortunately we had a bit of a sad end to this year. A few days after Christmas I had a miscarriage. I'm still feeling very sad but I'm at peace that it wasn't this baby's time.

Anyway, we are looking forward to the new year with all the promises that it brings! And can't wait to see our children continue to grow and change :)

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