Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trip to Phillip Island

Yesterday we arrived home from our week long adventure at Phillip Island. I have to admit that I heaved a big sigh of relief when we finally walked through the door. I love holidays but I'm always glad to get home again. There's something about all the packing and unpacking that's not entirely appealing. And coming home to a huge pile of washing - 4 loads since we came home and more to do tomorrow!

Putting aside all that organisational stuff, we had a wonderful time! We had perfect weather the entire time we were there. Beautiful, clear blue skies and not too hot. Perfect beach weather! We ended up spending most of our time there down at the beach. The kids both loved the water this year and spent ages jumping in and out of the waves and building sandcastles. I'm just remembering back to when Jacob was Esme's age and we were down at the beach. He was petrified of the water. Esme, in her usual manner, showed no fear and was running down to the water the instant she set foot on it.

Jacob and I did lots of walking together during our week there while Chris stayed at the apartment to look after Esme while she had her sleep. The first day we were there Jacob and I walked down to the beach at Rhyll. It ended up being a tad bit longer than I expected but Jacob diligently kept walking. He did slow down quite a bit near the end but still refused to be carried! I think we worked out afterwards that we must have walked about 3.5kms. Whew! Can't believe Jacob walked so far!!

All in all, it was a great holiday (apart from Jacob getting a cold the last few days of it!) It's so nice to be able to escape from the distractions of our modern life and just slow down to enjoy our time as a family. Warning: photo heavy!!

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