Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jacob starts Kinder

This week marked the 3rd week of Jacob being at Kinder. I had meant to blog about all of this earlier but I keep running out of time!! I can't believe how quickly and easily he has settled in to it all. I had expected him to be reluctant to let me go but he has surprised me. Yesterday he told me 'you go to playgroup mummy' (Esme and I go to playgroup next door while Jacob is at kinder) because he didn't want me to stay! I'm so glad we made the choice of Steiner kinder for Jacob. It just suits him so perfectly! His teacher is very quiet and gentle. She understands that some kids don't want to be bombarded with attention as soon as they walk in the door so she waits until they approach her. All this has been great for Jacob. Combined with lots of outside play, lots of helping to prepare morning tea together and lots of play with toys made from natural material, he is having so much fun and I feel comfortable knowing he is in good hands.


nermylama said...

I love Steiner! Are you going to the Menzies Creek Steiner? Hannah was enrolled there but we moved, it's really lovely.

Narelle said...

Yes! That's the one :) What a small world, hey? They've just opened a new campus at Narre Warren so kinder, prep and grade 1 are at Menzies Creek at the moment and the rest of the school is at the new campus.

The Mama. said...

We looooooove our Steiner kindergarten and play group. They're just so beautiful! I took my mum there for Logan's Autumn festival and I think she was quietly impressed, she kept repeating "the kids are allowed to talk! Its wonerful". :-)


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