Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our new bunny palace

After gaining ownership of our latest bunny, we decided that the outside cage we had for them just didn't cut it. Chris did a great job of making it but with two (kind of LARGE bunnies) bouncing off the sides, I was a bit worried that the wire wasn't going to hold! Also, a while ago I had decided that we didn't need the wire on the bottom of the cage so I took it off and then discovered that our bunny liked to dig holes under and out!! (She never did that when she was little!) Silly me thought it must just be because she was bored being by herself so I happily put both bunnies outside when we got Tiddah thinking it would be safe. Unfortunately that wasn't the case! Chris went out one night to collect the bunnies and came running back inside to tell me that they had gone. They had dug under their cage and then under the deck (the cage was butting up against the side of the deck)! Luckily, after much crawling around under the deck and the house in the dark, we were able to catch them again.

So, to cut a long story short, we ended up getting a new cage for them off ebay. It is HUGE! Lots of room for them to run around and keep themselves happy. Here's some pics of them in their new bunny palace:

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Sue said...

I love it, those buns look so happy!

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