Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sewing creations for little girls

I'm having a lot of fun making clothes for Esme at the moment, particularly cute little summer dresses and skirts! It really is a lot of fun having a little girl to dress (I'm making the most of it now because if she's anything like me she won't appreciate her mother choosing clothes for her when she's older lol)

Here's some of the things I have made so far:

This material I bought already shirred but the rest of the dresses I have shirred myself

This skirt is from a top I bought for myself and the op shop. It had a ruffley hem that I didn't like so I cut it off and overlocked it together. Easiest skirt ever! The owl on the t-shirt was stitched by Chris.

This is actually a top I made for a christmas present, Esme also has a top like it but it doesn't fit her anymore :(


The Mama. said...

Love the green dress and the ruffle skirt! Can't wait to get my course out of the way so I can start sewing again - only 10 months to go! hehe


Narelle said...

It's so hard to find time to sew, isn't it? I tend to do heaps all at once and then nothing for ages. I've got heaps of Winter projects I want to make for the kids atm. Just need to get stuck into it and I'm sure the creative juices will flow (well, that's the plan anyway!)

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