Thursday, December 23, 2010

Homemade Christmas Decorations

We have been busy making yummy stained glass biscuits lately. Stained glass biscuits are basically just a basic biscuit with crushed up lollies added as they cook so they have a stained glass look when they are cooled. It's been lots of fun. The first lot we made we used this recipe here. They were all eaten pretty quickly though.

We made another lot the other day using gingerbread (for some reason we seem to have quite a surplass of gingerbread - I can't understand why). These ones we made for hanging on the Christmas tree. All we had to do was add a hole at the top for the string before they were cooked. The kids had lots of fun making them (or in Esme's case, eating the dough!)

Jacob helps to roll the dough and cut out shapes

The finished product - I think they look quite good!

Then we hung them on the tree together. I think they look very pretty on the tree! Now, I wonder how long they will last before some little person decides they look too tasty ;)

Esme carefully hangs the biscuits on the tree

They make quite nice Christmas tree decorations!

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