Friday, December 24, 2010

Making your own Christmas wrapping paper

We love to make our own wrapping paper in this house. It makes for an easy, cheap and meaningful way of wrapping a present. A while ago I cut Christmas shapes into some sponges (just your everyday generic sponge from the supermarket). I cut a Christmas tree, star and a bell. Then I set out some green and red paint and let Jacob get busy. He really enjoys doing this and he gets so excited when we wrap and give presents using paper he has made.

Jacob gets busy with the painting - he likes to add his own artistic touches ;)

Some of the completed wrapping paper - yes, I admit, I did get in on the action!

Some other alternatives to wrapping paper we have used:

* Using old paintings/pictures that the kids have done - what better use for the surplus of paintings that are always lying around the house?!
* Using material and ribbon to wrap presents - especially good for people who like to craft and can use the material or alternatively you can reuse the material the following year!
* Using teatowels to wrap presents - multi purposable and functional!

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