Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let's go fishing!

This is one of the projects I was working on for Christmas - it's a kid's fishing set. The fish are hand sewn with felt and have a strong magnet sewn into their nose. The rod is made from a piece of bamboo with a magnet attached to the end of the string. I'm quite happy with how they've turned out in the end. I am, however, a little sick of the sight of these fish at the moment seeing as I have now sewn three of these sets!

The bag that holds all the fish and the fishing rod (a piece of bamboo with a magnet tied onto the string at the end)

The bag opens up to make a pond for the fish

My kids absolutely love this set. I think I'll be making another one for Jacob's birthday!

I got the patterns for these fish from one of my favourite Etsy stores. This is where I purchased the patterns for my felt fruit and vegies too.


CatWay said...

That looks so great. It must have made a lovely present.
Where do you get the magnets? I have been wanting to make something similar (probably not as nicely finished!) but can't find small magnets locally.

Narelle said...

It took us ages to figure out the magnet problem as well! The magnets sold in shops around here just aren't strong enough. In the end we got them from this site: We used jewellary clasps for the rods and tiny round rare earth magnets in the fish. They work really well!

CatWay said...

Thanks Narelle.

Amber Greene said...

Hey Narelle, great job. These look fab! Where did you buy your bamboo? I want some for blocks in my home but can't find it anywhere. Did you cut it into short lengths yourself?? I'd also like bamboo poles that I can cut into blocks too. Here's hoping you might know the answer!!!

Narelle said...

Hi Amber, the bamboo was just from Bunnings. They are actually garden stakes, they came in a big length and we just cut to the right size. They're outside with all the garden supply stuff.

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