Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week 4 of decluttering: The Linen Cupboard

This week it was time to tackle the good ol' linen cupboard. It's turned into a bit of a mess lately as I tend to just stuff things in (particularly towels!) I started off by emptying the entire cupboard and sorting through what we did and didn't need. There wasn't actually a lot of rubbish (surprisingly!) but definitely a lot of things that we had enough of and could go to the op shop.

The pile of things to send to the op shop

I'm getting really good with this decluttering business and I'm quite ruthless with what I keep and what I get rid of now. However I can't seem to get past my gift bag addiction. Everytime someone gives me a gift bag I like to keep it. My rationale is that I can reuse it for gifts for other people but in reality, I don't and I just end up with a whole heap of them sitting in the cupboard. But yet, I can't quite part with them...

My gift bag collection - I would say there's probably at least 20 gift bags in here!

Decluttering the linen cupboard also inspired some impromptu cleaning as well which is always good! I had the vacuum cleaner out to vacuum the bottom of the cupboard so thought I'd just vacuum the whole top level while I was at it as well. Then I got the duster to clean the cobwebs from the top of the cupboard so ended up removing all the cobwebs from the hall and bedrooms too (that was LONG overdue!)

I'm so happy with the end result. Everything is folded neatly and organised. One shelf for linen, one shelf for towels, one for baby stuff/sleeping bags and the bottom for games. And I actually have a spare shelf - amazing!

The linen cupboard all finished and organised.

We've also been doing some major decluttering in the yard this weekend too. But more on that later...


Kate said...

Well done, it looks fantastic!! The opp-shop is going to love you lol.

Mememumma said...

awesome - and a spare shelf just for gift bags perhaps!

Narelle said...

I think the op shop may be getting sick of me lol!

Oh yes, a shelf for gift bags sounds good - or wrapping paper for re-using which is another hoarding habit I have (although it is under control at the moment ;))

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