Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week 5 of decluttering: The Kid's Clothes (part 1)

It was time to tackle the piles of clothes the kid's had grown out of this week. About 12 months ago this pile was neatly sorted into sizes and boy/girl clothes and stored in space bags but it has slowly grown out of control over time as I grab clothes out for Esme and add clothes the kids have grown out of to the pile. This is what the pile looked like before I started today.

To be honest, this decluttering project is stressing me out a bit. It's actually a lot bigger task than I thought it would be. I didn't start it until 4.30 this afternoon and didn't actually feel like I accomplished much before dinnertime. Now, because it's all in Jacob's room and he has gone to bed, I can't really do much more! The OCD side of me is not liking leaving a project half finished! Especially when I don't have much spare time this week to finish it. I'm just trying to take a deep breath and tell myself it'll all be done by the end of next weekend ;)

What I have managed to do this weekend is put the girl/boy 000 clothes into the same bag and have them ready for when this baby comes (all the neutral 000 clothes are already under the change table). I have also put boy 00 and 0 clothes into the same bag and girl 00 and 0 clothes will be put in a bag tonight. I'm on my way to finishing although looking at these photos it still seems like an awful lot to do...

The pile of boy's clothes left to sort (from size 1 upwards!)

Size 00 and 0 clothes still to sort tonight...

And all the other girl's clothes (from size 1 upwards!) The top of our bunk bed makes a great storage space ;)

I will update on my progress at the end of next weekend!

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