Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 10 of Craft project a week: Sewing for friends

Glasses case for my friend's son

After thinking I was going to have a rather unproductive sewing week, I managed to get quite a few things finished today! This week I've been making things for other people. I used this tutorial to make a glasses case for my friend's son (it's been made in slightly bigger proportions than the original tutorial in order to fit wood working glasses in).

Set of suck pads for my friend

I also made another set of suck pads for a friend - in the cute fabric that I made Esme's dress in a few weeks ago. I made a set of suck pads for my other sling too but they're made in boring black so I won't put a picture up (yes, I'm so anally retentive that I have to make myself a set of plain suck pads to match my sling ;))

I will have to get to birthday present making in the next couple of weeks as I have lots of little kids birthdays coming up and I like to give handmade presents.

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