Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week 18 of craft project: Slippers for Mum

I left this week's project to the last minute and so Sunday evening found me frantically sewing, trying desperately to get these slippers finished!  I think I conceded defeat around 11.30pm when the bias binding got the better of me (have I ever mentioned how much I hate bias binding?!)  However I came back to these slippers during the week and finished them easily (amazing how much easier things are to do when it's not so late at night!)

 Funky floral slippers

These slippers were a special gift for mum for Mother's Day (luckily I was organised enough to be sewing them a week ahead of time and not the night before!!)  I love the bright orange colours of these slippers - I'm not so good at coordinating fabric but I think these three fabrics work really well together.

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