Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week 27 of Craft project a week: Patchwork skirt

 It must a be miracle - I'm actually blogging this week's craft project on the right day!  It will be nice to sit down tonight and have a night off crafting ;)  This week I finished a patchwork skirt to go with the top I made for Esme last week.  It caused a bit of heartache (although not as much as it did the last time I made it!) and I had to enlist the help of hubby to do some gathering but apart from that it hasn't been too stressful!  I even got around to doing sewing some little flower embellishments on the skirt to match the top this time. 

The completed skirt
Flower embellishments - they are kind of fiddly and time consuming to do but look so good! 

Now that I'm on a roll with gathering, I might actually get around to making the patchwork skirt for me that I've had in the pipeline for quite a while...

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