Monday, December 31, 2012

Craft Project a week: That's all folks!

I am so excited that I've actually followed through on the craft project a week challenge that I began at the start of the year.  It's been hard at times to get something made each week, especially when myself or the kids have been sick or there's been lots of other stuff going on.  There's also been times when I haven't really felt like pulling out the sewing machine yet again, but I've done it regardless.  And really, sewing does make me feel better when I get into it - it's just the getting started bit that's the hardest! 

So this is what I have made this year...

For Esme
2 shirred dresses
Shorts and top set
3 pinafores
2 pairs of flared pants
Patchwork skirt and top
1 pair of pyjama pants

For Jacob
1 pair of pants with cuffs
Applique t-shirt
Reversible sun hat
1 pair shorts with cuffs
1 pair of pyjama pants

For Gideon
2 pairs of pants with cuffs
1 pair of big butt pants
1 pair of up-cycled pants
3 appliqued tops
Reversible sun hat

For me
Patchwork skirt
1 pair of pyjama pants

Felt fishing set
2 felt farmhouse bag and animals
Owl finger puppets

Cross stitched dress
6 appliqued tops
Patchwork skirt and top
Shirred dress
1 pair pants with cuffs
3 pinafores
Kids' apron
4 appliqued wheatbags
4 wheatbags
Seatbelt covers

11 sets of sling suck pads
Sleeping set
Glasses case
Up-cycled apron
Granny squares
5 fairy skirts
Fairy wings
Christmas gift bags

Quite an impressive list when I look back on it.  I'm amazed and proud at what I've managed to achieve this year - even with our velcro baby who prefers to sleep in our arms rather than a bed!  It does help to have a supportive husband - I don't think I could have done it without him. 

So...what project to set myself next year??

Nah, I think I might actually have a year off!! 

1 comment:

leonie said...

Wow what an impressive list! i am blown away by what you have accomplished in your life in such a busy year.

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