Sunday, February 3, 2013

Settling in to a new School year

Last Thursday Jacob started Class One at our local Steiner School.  It's been a bit of a change for him this year as up until now he's been at the early childhood campus of the school (which includes playgroup, Kinder and Prep).  This year he started at a new campus.  The Class 1-6 campus is just beautiful.  The classrooms are purpose built and wonderfully light and airy, and the grounds are great for playing in.  Jacob loves playing in the the trickle stream that runs outside their classroom.  And the school is in a semi-rural area, right next to the local reservoir.  

We are absolutely blessed to have such a wonderful teacher.  She will be Jacob's teacher for the next 6 years as well, in keeping with Steiner philosophies.  And she's actually the parent of a child that Esme goes to Kinder with so we already knew her.  The kids in the class have already had the opportunity to meet her too.  At the end of last year they had a special 'handing over' ceremony from Prep to Class 1 and they got to meet their new teacher and see their new classroom.  And their teacher also came for a home visit a couple of weeks before school went back.  That has really helped Jacob feel comfortable with the whole transition process. 

The new Class 1 kids had a very special welcome to the school on their first day back.  They lined up outside their classroom opposite the Class 2 kids who sang and then presented each student with a rose to put in their new classroom.  They were then called in to the classroom by their new teacher. 

My heart is completely at peace, knowing that Jacob is in such a nurturing and supportive environment that will help him grow and reach his potential despite his differences.   

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