Thursday, February 14, 2013

The beginning of independence

Up until now, Gideon has been our little baby.  He's been content to be close to us and just go with the flow.  Just recently though we're beginning to see him start to move away from us and become his own little 'self'.  This generally comes in the forms of big tantrums where he will just throw himself around and not want to be picked up.  Try to offer a solution to the problem and the tantrum will get even worse.  This beginning of indpendence has also meant that he is no longer content to carried all the time and he will often fight to get out of the sling if he's in there. In many ways it's all a bit frustrating.  Especially when you have places to go and people to see.  And so often I feel like I am being judged for having a 'naughty' child!

Despite the feelings of frustration though, I am enjoying watching my baby gain his independence.  I choose to see these tantrums as a positive thing, that he is comfortable and secure enough in our love to feel free to assert himself.  Gideon has been held and carried close since he was born.  He slept on our chest for the first 12 months of his life (and even now he continues to sleep mostly on top of us at night!) I'm sure there were many people out there who thought he'd be attached to us forever (that old familiar 'rod for your own back' thing).  We knew he wouldn't and that it would be only for a very short time in the whole scheme of things that he would be 'attached' to us.  And so it seems that we were right.  I smile every time I see Gideon throw a tantrum or he insists that he walks instead of being carried.  And just enjoy those times when he does need us.  I know that he will know that he's always loved. 

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