Sunday, September 6, 2009

A day at the goat farm

Yesterday we headed up to Kirsti's for our ABA barbeque. Kirsti and her family live up in Wandin and own a goat farm - kid heaven (yes, both human children and goats lol) It was a lovely day with great company and great food. Kate was there with Harrison and Claire and Izzy, Tom and Oscar came too. Esme and Jacob had a ball. Esme was so excited to see the goats and kept trying to kiss them all! Jacob just ran around the paddock chasing the goats and trying to pick them up (poor things!)

I think the highlight of the day though was Oscar jumping into the goat’s water fully clothed! Clothes were soon discarded! He looked a tad cold by the end of it all though ;)

Here's some photos of our shenanigans:

Waiting to go in to the paddock and baby goats!


Tim showing Esme a goat and Esme ‘kissing’ a goat!


More kisses and pats


Jacob chasing the goats and trying to pick them up!




Kate and Claire


Esme having a ride on Daddy’s shoulders (all was good until Esme grabbed his hair and ear!)



Cathy said...

Poor Daddy hahahha looks liek a good handful of hair!

your children are so cute!

Sue said...

How cute are those baby goats!

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