Monday, September 14, 2009

My first attempt at cloth pads

There's so many reasons to convert to cloth pads...It's cheaper, it's better for the environment, they're more comfy...the list goes on!

I have been meaning to get around to making some cloth pads for myself for quite awhile. I actually bought all the material at least a month ago and it has sat around since then! I finally took the plunge on the weekend and got around to making some. I was quite impressed with how easy and quick they are to make!

I used the patterns and vaguely followed the instructions on this site for the panty liner and 11inch pad. Both of them turned out really well. The panty liner is made from two layers of flannelette and two layers of hemp. I changed the instructions a bit and inside of making the two parts separate I made them all together and top stitched around the outside. The pad is made with two layers of flannelette, two layers of bamboo and a layer of PUL.

Panty liner on left and 11 pad on right:

pad1_small pad2_small

Folded up and ready to use:


I still have to make a few more but I’m looking forward to going cloth instead of using more plastic and putting it in landfill!

In the future I would also like to try the menstrual cup but I'm still working my way through the huge stash of tampons I purchased before I got pregnant :(


The Mama. said...

Well done! I have been making my own for a while now and a couple for friends. I use bamboo as the soaker layers - only coz I have it left over from nappy making. I made my own pattern by picking my favourite plastic pad and tracing the shape and customising a bit. So easy hey - and soooooo much more comfortable! I don't know why more mummies don't convert!

Narelle said...

Thanks! I actually really enjoyed making them (sometimes sewing just frustrates me lol) I like your idea of tracing from plastic pads too. I'd run out of disposable ones though and this was my incentive to make my own ones ;) What do you make pantyliners out of? I used mine the other day but found that they leaked through quite quickly (but perhaps I should have been using a thicker pad anyway ;) ) They're definately a lot comfier though. Stupid plastic pads seem to move around so much too and it all ends up very messy lol

curlycee said...

They look good! I have switched off the cloth to the cup and can highly recommend it. I won't use anything else now...not even if a market research company paid me to trial pads/tampons.

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