Sunday, October 17, 2010

Learning about volcanoes

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For the past couple of weeks we've been learning all about volcanoes. Our interest in this started because of some rocks that Jacob found on a recent trip to a friend's farm. We brought them home to show Daddy and he told us they were volcanic rock. Jacob found this very interesting so we thought it'd be good to do some activities around volcanoes.

The rocks that sparked Jacob's interest in learning about volcanoes

We went to the local library and borrowed some books about volcanoes. The local library is really such a great resource for information. Jacob spent the next week looking at the books we borrowed and talking about how volcanoes work. It's interesting the conversations you have with young kids. Jacob told us that he wanted to see a volcano up close but we had to explain that it was really, really hot and you can't get close to a volcano that's erupting!

The books we borrowed from the library

We decided to make our very own volcano with papermache. We made a frame out of wire and then built the layers up to make a mountain. We left a hole in the middle for a bottle (more on that in a moment!) The last time we did papermache, Jacob really enjoyed it. This time, however, he did about two strips and then got distracted by something else. So lucky Mummy was left to finish it all!! After it had all dried we painted it.

Jacob, doing some papermache before he got distracted, leaving Mummy to do all the work!

A rare moment of brother and sister happily doing an activity together!

The finished product!

So, can you guess what's coming yet? The bottle in the middle of the volcano is for our science experiment! We put bicarb in the bottle and then added vinegar, coloured with red food dye, and a little detergent to make our very own volcano eruption! Lots and lots of fun and a great way to simulate an actual volcano for the kids (not that volcanoes are caused by bicarb and vinegar reactions but y'know ;))

The vinegar gets poured in

Erupting volcano!

Jacob and Esme both loved watching the volcano 'erupt'

Touching the foam was really kind of funny!

We had a couple of fun weeks learning about volcanoes. I wonder what we'll discover next?

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Deb Chitwood said...

We loved studying volcanoes in our homeschool! And it’s the best time to do it when you’re following your child’s interest. Thanks for the reminder of a great activity for young children!

Deb said...

I love those rocks, my girls collect rocks all the time but we've been doing arty things with them. And we must start getting into more non-fiction books. We read lots about animals and the girls love them, but for some reason we haven't got any other types. I'll have to start looking! It's fun when you can do lots of different activities all based on a theme.

PlanningQueen said...

Your volcano looked terrific. Such a fun experiment to do with little ones.

CatWay said...

My eldest son is obsessed with volcanoes. Your paper mache volcano looks great - I bet you will need to go and buy more bicarb and vinegar to make it erupt again!

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

Volcanoes are the best! The boys did this at kindy a while ago and loved it. Haven't braved it at home yet though ;-)

amandab said...

Love doing the bi-carb an vinegar volcanoes! And those rocks are great.

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