Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spring Festival

Yesterday was the Spring Festival at Jacob's Kinder. Despite having so many lovely, sunny days recently the weather yesterday left a little to be desired! We had planned to travel to the Alfred Nicholson Gardens to share morning tea but it was a little too windy for that (not to mention those ominous-looking clouds in the sky). We still managed to have a lovely morning though. Everyone brought some flowers to share so we made some beautiful flower garlands for the kids.

Jacob was so proud of his garland. I came down this morning to find him wearing it while he played - it's looking a little worse for wear today!

We finally managed to convince Esme to keep hers on - a little distraction works wonders!

The Spring Festival also coincided with Kinder photos. That was an interesting experience in itself! Everyone who knows Jacob will know that he likes his personal space and doesn't like to be forced into doing anything so getting him to sit with the group of kids was rather fun! But he did do it in the end, he loves his Kinder teacher so was (mostly!) happy to sit next to her for the photo.

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