Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shaving cream paint

The kids always enjoy playing with shaving cream - both as an imaginative play activity and as a fun sensory activity. This week we decided to experiment with adding some colour to it. All I did was sprinkle some tempera paint over the top and away they went.

Jacob had so much fun mixing the colours and getting his hands stuck right in. Even Esme enjoyed it today, she's usually fairly nonplussed about this kind of stuff (except this was the one time I somehow managed not to take photos of her!)

After awhile Jacob discovered that he could stand on the shaving cream and it made him slide everywhere. He thought it was absolutely hilarious, even a few substantial falls didn't deter him!

When the kids were done playing I laid a sheet of paper over the top and pressed down to make these pictures

There's lots of other things you can do with shaving cream too. I also read about a great way of creating a marbling effect with shaving cream too (although this is probably more appropriate for older kids!)

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Kelly said...

You ARE a FunMum... this is great!

amandab said...

Those are great pictures, and I love the huge smile on his face (and am glad he didn't get hurt)!

Aspiring Mum said...

Aren't they having a great time! Love it!

Philippa, Neevah and Liam said...

so much fun and I love you made pictures off it when they had done playing :)

Marita said...

I really like the idea of pressing the paper down to make pictures to keep from the shaving cream. Very clever.

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

Shaving cream is such fun and I love how it cleans up smelling so clean and fresh! LOL

I was actually writing a post today which included some shaving cream fun! Great minds create alike.

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