Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spirits of the Sky at Healesville Sanctuary

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to get tickets to the media launch of the new bird show at Healesville Sanctuary (being a FOTZ member really does have it's perks!) The original show which featured birds of prey had been running for a number of years and the Sanctuary thought it was time for a change. Despite Jacob's initial reservations (last time we saw the show he was a little scared when the birds flew so close overhead) we all really enjoyed it. As well as all the regular birds of prey we also saw parrots and watched them perform some tricks.

An Eclectus parrot - such gorgeous colours!

This buzzard displays the strength of it's beak by breaking a plaster cast egg open!

This Corella demonstrates it's gift of the gab!

Wedge-tailed eagle - what a magnificent animal!

After the show finished we wandered round and watched the other animals. We were lucky enough to arrive at the animal hospital just in time to watch an operation. Some birds were being surgically sexed. The vet in charge talked about how Australian Zoos send birds to each other to ensure that the birds they breed are selected from the widest gene pool available - to avoid in-breeding basically! Depending on whether these particular birds were male or female would determine whether they were sent to Sydney or Western Australia.

Jacob was really interested in touching the stuffed animals that were on display and looking at all the bones. It was interesting to feel the texture of all the animals' fur. Some were soft and some were rough. I think Esme got a bit of a shock when she put her hand on the Echidna and realised the spikes were actually quite sharp. We enjoyed seeing all the different Australian animals although I think the highlight (for all of us!) was seeing the Echidna up close through the Cafe windows - such funny little creatures!

Up close and personal with some pelicans. Esme got a bit of a fright when she got a little too close to a pelican and it turned around to chase her!

Watching the Echidnas through the Cafe windows

'Prickles' the koala munching on some gum leaves. He was so close!

All in all, it was a really lovely day (despite almost hitting an Echidna on the road on the way home!) The kids were so good and walked for ages without complaining. It days like these that I love being a Mum.

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