Thursday, January 27, 2011

Summer fun!

Well, I can't say it's been particularly warm this Summer in Victoria but we're slowly starting to have some hot days (funnily enough these photos are from a 24 degree day!) The kids are always asking if they can fill up their pool so the other day I relented and let them have the hose. I went inside to do a few things while keeping an eye on them out the window and a few minutes later Jacob had discovered that he could squirt water on his slide which made him slide down it very fast. He was in fits of giggles over it! Esme soon joined in and a whole lot of chaos ensued with kids zooming down the slide and landing splat on their bottoms!

Jacob decides to squirt water on his slide

Esme soon joins in on the fun!

Jacob demonstrating to Esme how to turn the hose on and off

Esme delighs in squirting everyone and everything in her sight!

Of course, there was also some good old water fights with the hose with everyone getting their share of being squirted (including Mummy!) It really goes to show that it's the simple things that kids enjoy the most.

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