Friday, January 7, 2011

Going stir crazy and an awesome new playground!

So I've posted before about how I love the slower pace of school holidays. Nice slow starts to the morning, no rushing to be somewhere at a certain time, kids can play with things that don't usually get a chance to. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, my love of school holidays doesn't always extend to Summer holidays. I find the Summer holidays start to drag after awhile, usually after Chris has gone back to work and I'm struggling to entertain two kids who are a bit sick of being home all the time and constantly fighting with each other. Usually, lots of our friends go away at this time so we can't even catch up with them (Chris chooses to take his official holidays in early Feb).

Anyway, being a bit over being at home, yesterday we decided to head out and visit a playground that we hadn't been to before (although I had heard good things about it). It was the Montrose Community Playground (about 20 mins away and just over the hill for us!). I don't know what I was expecting but this playground was seriously awesome! Great for older children and younger children as well. There were lots of places for imaginative play, as well as expanding on kid's physical abilities as well. Here's some of our photos from yesterday.

The only down side to this playground is there's not a lot of shade! It was hotter than I expected yesterday so we didn't end up staying too long (especially considering I'd forgotten to put sunscreen on us all!)


Sue said...

Oh that looks fun, what park is it at or address? I used to live in Montrose/MtEvelyn depending on who you ask, love my old area.

Narelle said...

It's down the bottom of Mt Dandy-tourist road, as you come to the Montrose shops and the round about. I think it was only built in 2008 though. Can't believe I've only just discovered it!

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