Friday, January 7, 2011


People who know me will know that I love to op-shop and that I love to sew. So, really, using upcycled materials in my sewing projects is a logical next step! It was about a year ago that I came across this beautiful vintage sheet in an op shop (it's actually a Sheridan sheet). I also found a plain brown sheet at the same time so I teamed them up and they provided me with inspiration for a number of sewing projects.

Reversible bucket hat for me!

Reversible wrap skirt for me. The belt bucket is recycled from an old pair of pants that I didn't like anymore. I did buy the ribbon new though ;)

Kid's dress with matching head scarf

Shorts (well, they actually turned out to be more 3/4 length pants on Esme) and matching top

Back view of the shorts

I managed to make all these items from two sheets which cost under $10 at the op shop. I still have quite a bit of the sheet with flowers on too so I can see more projects coming up in the future. Now I just need to find more time to do more op shopping!

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