Sunday, February 27, 2011

New vegie garden!

I'm so excited about our new vegie garden! We've had a vegie garden in the past which the previous owners had made and we adopted but it's just never done that well. So we decided to build our own 'no dig' vegie garden. Luckily Chris was on holidays recently so had time to construct it all.

The frames for our two new garden beds. It's nice to finally have some raised beds!

The beds are made by putting a layer of newspaper on the bottom then a layer of manure, a layer of lucerne hay and a layer of compost. We only ever used soil from the garden centre in the vegie garden previously so we're hoping that by putting the right mix of 'good' stuff in that the vegies will grow better.

The completed beds.

We let the beds settle down for a few days and then planted them out. So far we have carrots, lettuce, spinach, rocket, beetroot and corn planted. The weather has been perfect for growing things and a few days after we planted the vegie garden we noticed seeds sprouting already! We have to be a little careful of the chooks getting in and digging everything up as our chooks free-range. At the moment we've covered it all with a wire frame which seems to do the trick but not sure what we will do once everything has grown past the height of that!

One week later and the vegies have well and truly started sprouting!

We have plans to put in a third bed as well but will wait and see how these two go first. I have a bit of a reputation for getting excited about these sorts of things initially but then losing that enthusiasm ;)

Oh, if anyone has any ideas for natural pest control I would love to hear them as I'm reluctant to use chemicals in the garden.


Sue said...

It looks fantastic! In the first pic it looked a bit like treated pine wood but is that just the picture? I know there is a safer treated thing now is it that? Or am I imagining the lot?

Narelle said...

I just had to ask Chris...No, it's not the traditional treated pine. It's the safe one, Chris had a conversation with the people at the timber place about all that and they said that this is the one used in school vegie gardens and the like. So Sue, do you have any 'safe' pesticides that you can share with me?

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