Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our new chicken house

The Silkies we got a few months ago as chickens have been living in an old rabbit hutch. It was always in the plans to make them their own separate chook house but it's taken us this long to get around to it! We finally got it all set up for them yesterday. This chook house is courtesy of Chris' parents (and they got it from some other friends to start with). Chris has also made a fenced run for the chickens (although we let our Isa Browns free range, I'm a tad protective of my Silkies ;)) We put this house and run down the bottom of our yard (which is quite fortunate as we now know that one of our Silkies is a rooster). The plan is to lock the Silkies in the chook house at night and let them into the run during the day.

The new chook house in place!

Looking at the chook house from the end of the run - the Silkies have quite a lot of room to roam around.

The master chook wrangler at work.

Oh, we also got our first egg from our Silkie hen yesterday too (pity it was trampled though as she didn't think to lay it in the proper nesting box!)


Sarah said...

What an adorable chook house!

My daughter has seen silkies at the show and would love a couple. Could you mix them with your Isa Browns, or do they need to be kept separate? We have two Plymouth Rock bantams, but I can't imagine they'd be very welcoming to a couple of silkies!

Narelle said...

Isa Browns are known to be a bit viscous but they have been fine the few times they have been out with the Silkies. I just wanted to keep them separate as we really want to breed with the Silkies and this gives them their own space.

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